Steps Network Limited


Steps Network expects to achieve the following outcomes for the service user:

To enjoy good physical, emotional, mental and sexual health; have a healthy lifestyle, and have access to information about health issues that allows them to make informed choices as they move to independence

To live in a physically safe environment with appropriate support and a network to meet their individual needs

To have access to employment, training or education and receive encouragement and recognition for their achievements; that they participate in social, cultural and leisure activities, make positive friendships and achieve academically in line with their ability

To positively participate in the local community and are actively involved in making decisions about their future; that they develop self-confidence and are able to deal with change and other life challenges; that they understand the effects of all acts of discrimination and are able to challenge their own perceptions on this; that they demonstrate enterprise and will contribute to the wellbeing of others

To engage in further education, employment or training; they develop independence and money management skills; that they are supported by Steps Network in the process of moving to independent adult life; and that they sustain their tenancy or suitable housing accommodation at the end of the service
Have been assisted/advised in accessing appropriate agencies’ dealing with housing, benefits, utilities etc.

  The trustees confirm that they have complied with the duty in section 4 of the Charities Act 2006 to have due regard to the Charity Commission's general guidance on public benefit and are confident that the objectives and activities undertaken by the Steps Network provide a significant benefit to the public and are in accordance with its charitable objects